Thursday, June 9, 2011

Customers Suck Part Three

Example #3
Customer's have no concept of fine print.
Me: "I am sorry, but the movie has sold to your account."
C (for Customer): "Why? I thought there were no more late fees."
Me: "Well, there aren't technically."
C: "Huh?"
Me: "When you signed up for your account and signed the agreement, you were suppose to read the part about the late fees."
C: "The non-existent late fees?"
Me: "I can take the charge for one movie off this time, but let me explain again on how the 'No, Late fees' policy works." (I said again, because this isn't the first time I had to explain it this person.)
C: "Okay."
Me: "When you pay for your rental if it is a two day rental it is due on the third day. If it is a Week rental it is due by the eighth day. You have window of one week to return it without late fees. That is the tenth day for two day rentals or the 15th day for one week rentals. Am I explaining this clearly?"
C: "Yes, keep going."
Me: "All right. After the week's grace period, the movie will then sell to your account. The price it sells for is it's current lowest retail price minus the renting fee. After the rental has sold to your account you then have a 30 day window from date of sale to return the movie. If you return the rental before the 30 days the only thing you have to pay is $1.32 restocking fee. Are you following me?"
C: "Yea, anything else?"
Me: "Yes, if you don't make the 30 day window then that is when it sales to your account. I can show you on your membership where you signed your agreement with the policy."
C: "All right show me."
Me: "Let me grab it from the printer. (I go and get it.) See here, is this your signature?"
C: "Yes, why?"
Me: "Down here by the fine print you signed it agreeing to the policy regarding the 'No, Late Fees' as well as you signed the box stating that you got a packet on the policy. Did you get the packet?"
C: "Yes, I did, but I threw it away. I didn't know I had to read it."
Me: "You aren't required to read it, but it is recommend that you do so we can avoid any policy problems."
C: "My problem is that there are no late fees and I have a huge late fee. I returned the movies and they're only a little over a month late. Now, I have a huge late fee. I thought there were no late fess?"
Me: " I realize that, but once the 30 day window is up there isn't much we can do. I said I can remove the sale this one time for the movie. (Notice I said MOVIE) I can only remove the charge for 1 of them, but I will remove the most expensive.
C: "But, that is a removing a late fee."
Me: (Handing him a packet.) "Please read this while I get my manager."
C: "Does your manager have late fees?"
Me: "I will be right back."
My manager comes over and goes through everything I go through, just to have him come back the next day and it all started again.

Published By Stephanie
Example #2
A kid came into the store and wanted the video game 187 Ride or Die. This is a shoot 'em up, knock 'em down, impregnate 'em, kinda game that is rated M for Mature. This kid was maybe 10. He was in there with his elderly grandmother, who would know about as much about video games as our Grandma (No offense Grandma.) Wait, I take it back our Grandma, may know more. Anyhow, I took him to the back and got the game for him. As we were walking up to the counter this conversation occurred.
Me: "You do realize that the game you want is rated M so, I have to ask your guardian's permission before I can rent it to you. Right?"
Kid: "Yea. I know, but you can tell her that it is rated E."
Me: "Let's go up to the counter."
Kid: "You're gonna tell her it is rated E right?"
I get up to the counter and hand his Grandmother the game hoping that I wouldn't have to say anything and that she can read the rating for herself and that I won't have to say anything. Of course that isn't what happened afterall, this is the retail world we are talking about.
Me: "Ma'am do you have your Blockbuster card with you?"
Lady: " Yes, I do. But, this game looks violent is it?"
Me: "I've never played it so I don't know the extent of the violence. But, I know it has some to earn the rating that it has."
Lady: "What is the rating?"
Me: (Kid starring at me with the most hateful look you have ever seen at this point.) "Did you see the rating on the side of the box?"
Lady: " I did, but I am not sure what the W. Rating is."
Me: (In my head saying, 'Damn, she really is not with the video game thing. This is wrong. I am just gonna tell her. {Kid getting jittery and basically trying to find something to throw at me.}) "That is not a W it is a M."
Lady: "What does the M stand for?"
Me: ( I knew I had no choice.) "Mature. More or less it isn't made people under 16."
Kid: "Grandma, I don't do what they do in the games. I want the game. The stupid lady doesn't know me to say that I am not mature enough to be 16. I want the game. If I don't get the game I will make you really feel bad."
Me: "Would you like me to ring it up for you?"
Lady: "No, thanks. I am glad you told me. Boy, let's go."
After they left the mom came in and demanded to know from me and my boss why I wouldn't lie to the child's grandmother so he could get the game.

Written By Stephanie
Published by Arnold

Customers Suck Part One

Example #1
Nobody at work likes to answer the phone and because I am the newest member of the team I get stuck doing it. Usually they just want to know if we have a movie in or where we are located. No big deal. But, at least once a day I get the stupid guy. Case in point...
You know the seen in Empire Records where Mark answers the phone "Empire Records open to Midnight. Midnight," then hangs up? Well this is how it went down for me...
Me: "Blockbuster Wayne, This is Stephi can I help you?"
Them: "Where did I call?"
Me: "Blockbuster."
Them: "Are You sure?"
Me: "Yes, I am sure. Can I help you?"
Them: "Well, maybe I was wondering what the name of the pet store in your strip is called. And, I thought I dialed their number."
Me: " No you called Blockbuster and it is called Goody's Pet Supply."
Them: "Are you sure."
Me: "Yes, I am sure. Is that all?"
Them: "Where did I call again."
Me: "Domino's."
I swear I will never answer that phone again so help me. I love to talk on the phone. I know you might say they were joking around. No, they were so serious that they called back a few minutes later and asked to speak to the manager at Goody's because the nice Blockbuster people told them the name of their store.

Posted by Stephanie